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The journey through the time of the Palmach Museum in Tel Aviv, Israel, brings the visitor back to the 1940s, a stormy decade around the world, and a turning point in the history of the Jewish people.

The virtual tour of the basement-like museum allows visitors to see history through the eyes of those who were instrumental in the creation of the State of Israel. Palmach, an acronym for Stotot Machatz [Strike Force], originated from the Haganah, a volunteer military organization founded in 1920 when the British Mandate ruled Israel before the state.

By the early 1940s, when the Germans invaded Africa, and Syria and Lebanon were controlled by the Vichy regime, the British trained and employed the Haganah / Palmach forces to help defeat the Axis invasion. But when Rommel retreated from Egypt in 1942, the British, with no need for additional troops,
Ask the Haganas to return their uniforms and weapons and disband.

Haganah and Palmach leaders decide that it is time to go underground. But the money is badly needed. The mutually beneficial plan presented by the kibbutz to the leaders of the Palmah and Haganah, under which the members of the Haganah and the Palmah work and train on the kibbutz, is an excellent solution. Over a three-year period, from 1942 to 1945, Palmach trains men and women. The Palmach naval platform trains seals and collects refugees from Europe, in defiance of the British Mandate. New settlements for newly arrived Holocaust survivors.

In 1947, the historic UN vote accepted the partition plan, creating a Jewish state alongside a Palestinian state.

However, the partition plan was not accepted by the mother Arab states, and in 1948 the newly established Jewish state was attacked by Arab armies. The 7000-member Palmach has lost 30% of its men and women fighting for the new state.

When the march through history ends, and you find tears rolling over your face, you wonder when the fighting will stop? When will the two peoples live side by side in peace? And you pray that day here.

Daily tours are available but advance booking is necessary.

Check Our Live Cams : Jerusalem  Tel-Aviv  Jaffa  Caesarea  Hermon

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