Things To Do in Tel Aviv

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Sea and sand

The magnificent beaches and the sea are probably the main attractions for many tourists to Tel Aviv. Beaches and coasts stretch from the harbor to Old Jaffa (over 5 kilometers) and are located just outside the hotel for many guests.

Water sports

Why limit yourself to the beach and swimming? There are many wonderful facilities here for surfing, sailing etc.


Tayelet is a corridor that runs along the beach and the coast – a place for hiking, relaxing, jogging and horse riding at all hours of the day and night.

Old Jaffa

Jaffa is an ancient city several thousand years old – features in the story of Jonah and Pisces. Now restored, it is part of Tel Aviv and a great location for touring, enjoying history and exhibiting in the artist’s colony.

The port

The recently renovated harbor is a great place to relax, eat and shop by the sea.

Yarkon Park

Tel Aviv Yarkon, the green lung of Tel Aviv, is a magnificent park on both banks of the Yarkon River and ends across the sea. Watch the boats or rent one yourself, walk, cycling, picnic, relax and visit the petting zoo.

the shopping

Tel Aviv has many different shopping types – many major shopping centers, as well as HaTachana – a restored train station near Jaffa and Tel Aviv port. There are also more special places such as Carmel Market and Nihal Benjamin.

Museums and galleries

There are some notable museums, including the Diaspora Museum, the Rabin Center and the Haaretz Museum. There are also many wonderful exhibitions including the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Architectural Engineering

Tel Aviv is famous for the number and quality of its Bauhaus-style buildings.


There are many well-developed bicycle paths across Yarkon Park and of course along the coast. You can also ride north from the harbor to Tel Baruch Beach (and even outside towards Herzliya).

Neve Tsedek

One of the oldest neighborhoods, is now being widely restored and popular tourist walking.

Look for

Visit the observation deck of the Azrieli Towers – great views of the city, sea and east towards the mountains and Jerusalem.

Party time

Tel Aviv is proud to be a city in Israel that never sleeps. There is a wide range of places to eat and party.


Israel is a small country and Tel Aviv is a great base for touring Israel. On day trips try Ashkelon – the old city with a stunning beach and only to the northern beach of Herzliya. Other places in the field include Haifa and possibly Galilee and the Golan, south of some of the landmarks of the Negev Desert.If you are not a resident of Jerusalem, you should devote one or more days to capture the highlights.

This article was written by Jonathan of Israel from the inside out. Always share some of the secrets of Tel Aviv and Israel.

Check Our Live Cams : Jerusalem  Tel-Aviv  Jaffa  Caesarea  Hermon

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