The Best Sites to Visit in Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv is an interesting city with lots of things to offer to enthusiastic travelers. What can you do in Tel Aviv? You can even shop at many of the city’s shopping venues, including local markets and shopping malls that host plenty of shops and shopping streets filled with couture. You can also go and enjoy the beach miles on the Tel Aviv coastline and enjoy the sunshine and fun. Or if you are looking for the finest things in life, you can enjoy the city’s gourmet offerings with many upscale restaurants offering delicious dishes. There’s a lot to see and try, you need a shorter menu to make sure you don’t miss the best attractions and activities while on holiday in the city. A rich Tel Aviv experience can provide the necessity to stay on vacation rentals in Tel Aviv. This allows you to stay longer comfortably and at a reasonable cost in the city. Here are some of the best sites to visit in Tel Aviv.


Jaffa or “Jaffa” is the oldest (3,000 years to be exact) part of Tel Aviv. In fact, it is the place where modern Tel Aviv owes its existence. Ancient architecture and old Bauhaus buildings lined with its streets make it an interesting place to visit and explore. Jaffa is known as the site of the Old Port, a commercial center dating back to the city’s history. Today it is a rustic and wonderful place that takes you back to ancient times with many restaurants around to enjoy authentic Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine. The sea view is also unforgettable with a number of major villas along its coastline. It’s a great place to walk around day or night. There are only many places to see and many things to do including shopping. The Jaffa Flea Market is the largest of its kind in Tel Aviv. This place sells everything. Antique furniture, family jewelry, inheritance, local carpets and textiles, this place is named for her. Bargain with sellers and get great deals. The best way to enjoy the old town of Jaffa is to just walk around. For the best results from these routes, there are tours in the area. This would save you time by accessing the best parts of Jaffa from the beginning. The good news is that there are many holiday homes in Tel Aviv near Old Jaffa. This place is easy to taste since the first day!

Neve Tsedek

Neve Tzedek is one of the oldest settlements in the city of Tel Aviv, in fact this place is older than the city itself. Neve Tzedek is an area developed to expand the city outside Jaffa. This is why this place seemed rickety and running for a long time in the last years of Tel Aviv. But that changed as the city began to enjoy rapid economic growth in recent years. The abandoned streets became apparently elegant and hip and the place began to become the “in” place in Tel Aviv. There are new restaurants around Neve Tzedek and new stores selling things you can’t find anywhere else in the city. Neve Tzedek is a “strategic” place to stay during your vacation in the city. Tel Aviv’s holiday apartments are numerous in this area, and are located in the center of the city’s most interesting parts not to mention the city’s beautiful beaches.

One of the attractions within Neve Tzedek is the Suzzane Dellal Dance Center. Locals and tourists love to come here and enjoy international performers. There are dances, plays and many live performances. There is also a garden around the place, an ideal place to sit, relax and have some quiet conversations. If you are in the story of famous people in the city, you like to visit Rokach’s house on Simon Rokach Street. This house is just one of the many houses in this influential family. Get into the architecture of a house that has been restored just a few years ago. There is also Chlouche House, a magnificent house of 19th-century European architecture. The highlight of this house is its roof. Enjoy the view surrounding Neve Tzedek. Consider the rewarding sea breeze in this wonderful experience.

If you like shopping, you can go directly to Shabazi Street. It is a shopping haven for locals and travelers, so if you are looking for art, pottery, clothing, accessories or children’s clothing in this part of Neve Tzedek and prepare to be pleased for what you can buy here. When you get tired and need a place to rest or eat something all you have to do is choose between many cafes and restaurants around like Tazza D’Oro or Café Suzana.

Neve Tzedek’s rural nature adds to its charm making it one of the most popular places in the entire city. Renting an apartment in Tel Aviv in this area will be a decision you will never regret.

The old port

In 1965, a new port was opened in Ashdod, leaving the old port in northern Tel Aviv to ruins for two decades. However, the old port came back alive in the 1980s as the city realized the potential of the place to host family entertainment activities. On this day, this place beats running and cycling. At night, this place is almost unrecognizable as it turns into a great place for nightlife with lively bars, restaurants and shops with lively lights and crowded party pioneers with its open spaces. Not surprisingly, there are many rents for Tel Aviv apartments near this area.

One of the most popular locations in the port is the Boya Restaurant. Famous for its exquisite seafood and sea views. There is outdoor seating, so on a clear night, this is the perfect place to eat and drink all night. If you want solid-core parties, you can always check the TLV which is also on the port. This is a party haven in Tel Aviv with home music playing all night long. The interior features the latest sound system and lights and hosts many night events. If you’re out of town to meet people, jump to the next place and enjoy the wonderful men and women chanting Erich. This place is built on a round bar where people are expected to mingle. The music is contemporary and this week it can be very crowded. If you like hard parties every night, you can choose to stay in a holiday apartment in Tel Aviv near the port and make your days and nights both enjoyable.

Rothschild Boulevard

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, this tree-lined street is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. Rothschild Boulevard is not only historic, but also plays an important role in Tel Aviv’s current economic growth. It is the financial center of the city and is the most expensive street in the city. The beautiful Bauhaus buildings and numerous bars, restaurants, cafes and banks create a vibrant mix of facilities that add to the grandeur of the street. The most popular structures in their length include the Lederberg House and the Russian Embassy building. HSBC is headquartered in Rothschild Boulevard with the First World Bank Tower. There are of course Independence Hall, Angel House, Yitzhaki House, Rieger House, and many more. Walking across the street can give you a glimpse of Tel Aviv’s rich cultural background.

It is possible to stay near this urban center with many holiday apartments in Tel Aviv nearby. Built on the city center, it is a good place to plan and launch a city-wide trip – visit cultural institutions like the Ha ‘Hagama Museum and other major historical sites in the city without any access problems.

Carmel Market Area

The Carmel Market area consists of the Carmel Market, the Pedestrian Center (which locals call Bee Binyamin) and the Yemeni Quarter. The area is full of people every day and is one of the most popular destinations in Tel Aviv. Carmel Market is where you can find fresh produce for the city. Of fish, spices and vegetables you can find here. This market extends from Allenby to Carmelit Station to the joy of many adventurous tourists.

Benjamin Bee, on the other hand, is a pedestrian center known for its many cafes and restaurants. Ideally enjoyed on Tuesdays and Fridays, from 10:00 to 17:00, the Craft Market transforms this street into a playful and playful area of ​​the sidewalk.

The Yemeni quarter is still inside the Carmel market area, and is known for its well-preserved structures. In fact this is one of the most preserved sectors in Tel Aviv. Travelers love this place because it shows the long history of the city with its ancient buildings and structures. If you live in a Tel Aviv apartment for rent near this area, then you are in an exciting period in Tel Aviv. You can only spend several days to enjoy this specific part of the city.

Check Our Live Cams : Jerusalem  Tel-Aviv  Jaffa  Caesarea  Hermon

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