The Best Israeli Markets

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The Israeli market is famous for its wide range of dining options and fresh produce, places to visit for every visitor to the country. From art and souvenirs to fresh fruits and vegetables, from fine artifacts to baked goods – everything is available in Israeli markets. The markets are lively and busy, as crowds of visitors start here early in the morning. Israel has a lot of local markets, and we’ve made an interesting list of some of our favorites:

  • Old Jerusalem Market

The Old City Market is undoubtedly one of the most popular and most visited markets in Israel. In fact, some people think it is crowded with tourists. The reason for the market’s popularity is the souvenir trade and its prime location within the walled Old City of Jerusalem. However, you can also buy food and traditional desserts. Bargain is expected here, so you will have a chance to practice your Hebrew.

  • Tel Aviv Carmel Market

Tel Aviv Carmel is the city’s largest vegetable and fruit market, offering a huge variety of diverse groceries. Tel Aviv Carmel Market is famous not only for the food and goods sold here, but also for the unique atmosphere, cafes and restaurants. These restaurants are provided by the market and offer cuisine ranging from sushi to an interesting blend of Swedish and Iraqi cuisine at Gedera 26.

  • Nehalat Benjamin Market for Arts and Crafts

Make sure you don’t miss this market when visiting Tel Aviv. The Benjamin Street Nehalat Market is a sign of creativity in all its forms, featuring a vibrant mix of original handicrafts and street shows. The market is open on Tuesday and Friday, and is open to many artists and exhibitors decided by a public committee, allowing the market to offer quality goods. Thanks to a wide range of products from unique souvenirs to original artwork and formidable graphics, the Binyamin Nehalat Market for Arts and Crafts is a true symbol of art and creativity in Tel Aviv. Enjoy great performances by circus artists and musicians and experience the extraordinary items sold indoors.

  • Tel Aviv Port Market

This market has become a major center for Israeli food, and one of the largest market centers in Israel. It not only contains some of the best cuisine in the country, but also hosts cooking classes on the market. Everyone can participate in improvised cooking classes hosted by some of the most famous Israeli chefs. You can also taste the food cooked by Port Chef’s professional chefs, who hold different tasting sessions. It also has restaurants offering exciting and tasty food, including charcuterie.

Check Our Live Cams : Jerusalem  Tel-Aviv  Jaffa  Caesarea  Hermon

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