The Third Temple Soon to Jerusalem!

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“Let them make me a sanctuary where I may live among them” (Ex. 25: 8).

This biblical command seems clear enough. What’s the problem? Why did Israel endure the “abomination of desolation” in Jerusalem – the Temple Mount without a temple? Why didn’t religious leaders encourage people to do what they can to achieve this Mitzvah?

Why do political leaders fear such ideas and prevent me from entering Israel? Can this talk lead to war? Is the god of the Arab moon bigger than the God of Israel? Did the Muslim legions defeat the lion of Judah? Is not Jerusalem the capital of eternal Israel?

Should we wait to be perfect before we can build the third temple? Are we less worthy of our ancestors who provoked God ten times in the wilderness, yet received instructions to build the tabernacle?

Does God work through very human tools? How many times must God assert in the Torah that He chose us because of His great purpose and the love of our fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Our role in God’s plan is because of His goodness and mercy, not for our greatness!

Where are the real leaders like Moses and David who made public calls for a refuge for our God? (Ex. 35: 4-5). Everyone, men and women, was encouraged to give themselves in any way possible: skills, talents, time and materials. There was such an overwhelming response to Moses’ request that he should seek restraint! (Ex. 36: 6-7).

David, unable to build the Temple, nevertheless did everything in his power to prepare him. He didn’t just pray for him and I hope someone else will do something! He set an example like this, which David used as a golden opportunity to ask the nation to follow his example. The rulers and people responded and found tolerant joy in their generosity! (1 Krone. 29: 2,6).

It took Hajji and Zechariah to challenge the Jewish leaders of their day to give up excuses and build the Temple. God brought Judah back to Zion, so why not the time to be invited to the house?

Note that these Jews made the attic (emigrated) to Israel and built the temple without Christ! For the first 22 years, the temple and sacrificial system operated without the ashes of the Red Ship!

The failure of Israel and the Jews to the Temple is unjustified! Even for those who ignore the history of the Torah and demand that we become a ritual purity first, there is no reason to fail to prepare for that glorious day! It is the duty of the Chief Rabbinate and the Israeli government to do so!

Israel must make a public call and an international cause is useful The Vatican must restore the temple’s treasures!

Praise be to God Temple of the Faithful Mountain, The Temple Institute Yeshiva Ateret Cohanim began the operation. As Abraham Lincoln stated: “I will prepare and the opportunity will present itself.”

Check Our Live Cams : Jerusalem  Tel-Aviv  Jaffa  Caesarea  Hermon

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