Review of the Jewish Approach to God

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In “The Jewish Approach to God,” Rabbi Neil Gilman shares his views on comparisons between Jewish and Christian theology. These are two belief systems that, while closely linked, can only be understood by sharing and uniting with each other.

As a beginner in exploring Hebrew language processing, I sat down with Notepad to take notes about new words. I recently read another book written by three women, Jewish, Muslim and Christian from a Catholic / Episcopal background.

The idea of ​​sharing experiences seems easy, but to fully understand history, one needs to start researching languages. This is a big task that needs time.

One thing I was not clear about was that he used God’s Word. I am happy but I thought that the Jews were not allowed to use this name.

Another thing that was a bit difficult was that he was very intellectual. My faith in Christianity seems very simple.

I bear in mind that in every religion there are different sects and practices. Some people practice only what traditions they are brought up on holidays and others look for deeper meanings.

I follow Jesus with all my heart and keep it simple. For some non-religious people, I may be seen as deeply religious, however, for some conservatives who are seen as more liberal. I believe in compassion and charity and trust God Almighty to the rest.

For me, the New Testament seems easier to read than the Old Testament. I don’t know if it’s because of language change or time. Just as today is quite different from the Middle Ages, there seems to be a difference in communication.

For pagans who read this book, if you are an explorer for the first time, you might want to get a piece of paper, a pen, a Bible, a dictionary, or the Internet to find new words for you. It will make reading an adventure.

Not all of my questions have been answered but I may need an initial release like children’s books to get started. This was like starting a religious school, so it was a big part of the study.

I have my observations and questions. I plan to go back and find more resources. I do this at home on my own first and then I may check a class and finally, try a credit course. wish me luck.

Check Our Live Cams : Jerusalem  Tel-Aviv  Jaffa  Caesarea  Hermon

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