Resorts and Beaches Along the Dead Sea

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Known in Hebrew as the Killer Sea, the Dead Sea is nestled between the Jordan River and Israel. The name sprung up from the Dead Sea’s ability to not allow any living thing to thrive in the waters. You can literally float in the waters, because of the accumulation of salt in the sea. Humans have adapted to the conditions and spend a lot of time enjoying the beaches surrounding the sea.

Ein Gedi Public Beach and Resort

The Black Mud that can be found in the Dead Sea is one the best ever healers in the world. It is considered a very strong microbial agent and can really make a huge difference in how clean your skin is. It has been incorporated into many skin care products as a deep cleansing ingredient.

The kinds of salts and essential minerals that are found in the Black Mud from the Dead Sea can only come from there. This is one of the reasons that people have traveled for many miles to experience the benefit of its waters and mud. Today, however, you are able to purchase these benefits in some natural skin care products.

Ein Bokek Public Beach

You can shop online l for many skincare products that contain the natural and most powerful ingredients that come from the Dead Sea. You should make sure that you are buying all-natural products that are lacking any kind of chemicals.

There are many specialty stores that sell Dead Sea salts alone, and there are also places online that you can find them too. Just add some Dead Sea salts from your stash in with some regular sea salt, and toss into your bathtub for the ultimate spa treatment!

Many popular bath and shower products contain sea salts and refined natural salts that can exfoliate and cleanse the skin, as well as remove dead skin cells from the surface. The most famous sea salts (also the most expensive and widely praised) are salts collected from the Dead Sea.

Atraktzia, Kalia Beach

The famous Dead Sea between Israel and Jordan contains some of the highest salt concentrations in a body of water. While the ocean has an average salinity of around 3%, the Dead Sea has a steady salinity of over 33%. This concentration of minerals causes the salts harvested from the Dead Sea to have more goodies packed into each natural grain. Also, while sodium compromises most of what’s in regular sea salt, Dead Sea salt contains only 10% sodium. The rest is natural minerals.

You can’t ingest salts from the Dead Sea, and the Dead Sea is a wasteland to any life that normally survives in the sea. Even though the habitat of the Dead Sea itself is so hostile to life, the value of the minerals found in it are irreplaceable in the world of skincare. Like most of the salts found in the world’s oceans, you can find sodium, magnesium, bromine, potassium, and calcium. These concentrations are naturally higher in salts harvested from the Dead Sea.

Check Our Live Cams : Jerusalem  Tel-Aviv  Jaffa  Caesarea  Hermon

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